Talk to Your Track Coordinator

Be sure to talk to your track coordinator if:

  • you would like advice about the final title and summary of your session as it will be printed in the conference agenda (program);
  • you will be using your own laptop instead of the conference-provided computer (this can sometimes be a problem);
  • you will need any application software other than Microsoft Office and a Web browser (ILS clients, macro programs, homegrown applications, etc.);
  • you will be using any other presentation software besides the Microsoft PowerPoint;
  • you will need an Internet connection (please note that even if requested and available, it may not work reliably; have a back-up strategy);
  • you need to clarify or change the intended audience for your presentation or focus of your presentation;
  • you have questions about how many copies of your handout are needed;
  • you have questions about submitting your presentation files for the proceedings;
  • you have any other questions, concerns or would like feedback about any other aspect of your presentation — we’re here to help!

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