Talk to Your Track Lead

Be sure to talk to your track lead if:

  • you would like advice about the final title and summary of your session as the title will be printed in the program and the full summary available on the ELUNA website and Sched;
  • you will be using your own laptop instead of the conference-provided computer (this can sometimes be a problem);
  • you will need any application software other than Microsoft Office and a web browser (ILS clients, macro programs, homegrown applications, etc.);
  • you will be using any other presentation software besides the Microsoft PowerPoint;
  • you need to clarify or change the intended audience for your presentation or focus of your presentation;
  • you have questions about uploading your presentation files to Sched (remember this needs to be done before your presentation!);
  • you have any other questions, concerns or would like feedback about any other aspect of your presentation — we’re here to help!

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