Law Libraries (SIG)

Historically, there have been Law SIGs established for Aleph, Voyager and Alma products. Today, law librarians using any products are welcome to attend these meetings.

The Group provides opportunities for the law librarians (both technical and public services types) to get to know each other and connect both formally and informally. We share updates on our respective installations, hear reports on the national users group meetings from those who make it to ELUNA. We spend a good portion of our meeting time on questions and answers, on asking for-and-getting help. When we hear others’ stories, we know we are not alone.

A big goal for the future would have to be dealing more and more with how other Ex Libris products impact our operations.

The LAW SIG meets annually at the AALL Annual Meeting and convened at ELUNA 2016 in Oklahoma City, OK. The presenter at that session was Ruth Funabiki of the University of Idaho.

There is an informal mailing list / user group on Google Groups for Alma law libraries:!forum/alma-law-library-user-group.

Last updated: January 30, 2017