Content WG (Joint)

Content Working Group


The Content Working Group works on behalf of the Alma, SFX, Intota/360Link, Primo and Summon user communities, to support the development, management and quality of the knowledge bases and discovery indexes that underlie these products. Through collaboration with Ex Libris and with other IGeLU/ELUNA groups, the Content Working Group aims to ensure that the collections and metadata are of the highest quality, reviewing quality assurance processes and making suggestions for additions and improvements. Activities comprise anything related to the management and development of the content, including collaboration with other IGeLU/ELUNA groups.

Content voting in NERS

Voting on new content collections for all products is conducted in NERS. The next round of voting will be in 2021 H1.

NERS Content Request FAQ
Previous voting: 2018 H1 | 2018 H2

Requests for new content can also be added to Idea Exchange.

Group Members

The Group Members consist of IGeLU and ELUNA members as well as liaisons.


Please contact us with questions or feedback:
– Kathy Varjabedian, Los Alamos National Laboratory (co-coordinator for ELUNA) – kv {at}
– Karin Perols, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden (co-coordinator for IGeLU) – karin.perols {at}
– Ulrikke Greve Olufsen, University of Oslo, Norway (co-coordinator for IGeLU) – u.g.olufsen {at}
(on leave February 2020-October 2020)

Or write to the group at Content-WG {at} exlibrisusers(.)org


Formerly known as the Knowledge Base Advisory Board (KBAB), the group was renamed Content Working Group in the summer 2017.