The Medical Libraries SIG shares information regarding the use of Ex Libris products, primarily Alma/Primo, to manage medical library collections and enhance discovery. Meeting annually at ELUNA, the SIG is active year-round via the AlmaMedicalSIG listserv and scheduled webinars.  Information is also shared among SIG members via a wiki.

While most of the members of the Medical Libraries SIG are at institutions currently using or migrating to Alma/Primo, medical librarians using any Ex Libris products are welcome to attend these meetings and participate on the listserv. The Medical Libraries SIG has been formed to advocate for better representation of medical research resources in the Alma Community Zone, and to prioritize additional functionality to develop enhancements to improve workflows and the overall user experience. Members of the SIG are also seeking advice in the migration process and the implementation of Alma/Primo workflows within their institutions.

The Medical Libraries SIG provides opportunities for medical librarians (both technical and user services types) to get to know each other and to network both formally and informally.

Current Leadership:

Chair: Mark Monakey, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Library, [email protected]


The Medical Libraries SIG meets annually at ELUNA

Periodic virtual meetings: TBD