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  1. Our law library just migrated to Alma. I’m seeking some straightforward, post-migration procedure guides for routine copy cataloging of physical monographs and electronic Federal Government documents. Bib records for library items are exported from OCLC Connexion, WITHOUT the use of Acquisitions module. The Alma Resource Management documentation is extremely ovewhelming, and pays rather scattered attention to monographs copy cataloging. All I need is a step-by-step guide to edit a newly imported bib record, properly add a holdings record, enter mandatory field info, as applicable, attach one barcoded item to holdings, then get it out to Primo. I’ve gleaned some practical snippets from the library’s Basecamp team, but not enough to fully resume my daily duties in this new ILS. My carts of unprocessed books mock me…help!

  2. Maria- I recommend that you join the Alma list that is linked from this page and post your request there. You will probably receive many responses!

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