Note that the Primo and MetaLib PWGs have merged. These pages are no longer being maintained. Please consult the Primo / MetaLib PWG pages.

2012-2013 MetaLib / MetaLib+ PWG Annual Report

The MetaLib PWG changed its name to the MetaLib/MetaLib + to include MetaLib + users.

To gauge overall usage of MetaLib +, the PWG asked the Primo community to update their information on the List of Primo Sites ( to include their MetaLib + usage.

There currently is no enhancement or voting process for MetaLib + enhancements.  The PWG is working with ELUNA and Ex Libris on how to incorporate MetaLib + into the enhancement process.  Our suggestion is for a separate enhancement process from either the Primo or MetaLib enhancement processes.

The PWG sent the ELUNA Steering Committee a list of MetaLib functionality not currently available in MetaLib +, which was compiled by Hank Sway and Paul Aloisio.

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