Helpful Links for Voyager Support, Documentation and Training

Current resources:

  • Knowledge Center: Launched in December of 2015, this site is fully open without any login requirements and includes open access to Ex Libris documentation, training, and support. The Knowledge Center replaces a number of disparate sites, including the Documentation Center, the Learning Center, and Knowledge Articles previously accessed at
  • Developer Network: Established in 2013, get the latest on Voyager enhancements and api’s as well as any other Ex Libris product. No login required unless you are a contributor. All content from El Commons CodeShare was moved to this resource. Contrary to its name, it’s not for Developers only!
  • Ex Libris Customer Center: Provides links to the aforementioned resources, as well as the Documentation Center and Cloud Systems Status. Login required.
  • Status Page for Hosted Customers: The Single Tenant Status should provide information in the case of any outages.


Archived resources:

  • Voy-L (and other Notre Dame lists): The product member list migrated in 2017 to the platform. The voyager-hosted and the [email protected] account will have the archives only available. All archives will be accessible on the Notre Dame site until the migration is complete.
  • El Commons Wiki: This resource may contain unique content, as it was not migrated over to the developer zone, however, it is likely dated (2014), but could prove useful as an archive. If the enhancement is still relevant, content authors are encouraged to add their solutions to the new Developer Network platform.
  • El Commons CodeShare: Enhancements can still be viewed and downloaded, but the content should be available in the new developer zone in its entirety and any updates would likely appear there.
  • Ex Libris Learning Center: Offers online courses for the Voyager modules as well as setting up call slips, analyzing reports, WebVoyage and more. Replaced by the Knowledge Center.
  • Support Portal/Knowledge Base: Contains popular articles for Voyager and all other Ex Libris products. Replaced by the Knowledge Center