The Summon/360 Working Group completed our second NERS voting cycle. This year we decided to do things a little differently in order to give non-members a chance to weigh in on what they wanted to see in the product. We solicited ideas for the Idea Exchange and then pulled all the requests to create the initial ballot. After the initial list was deduped and fleshed out, we put it out for vote to ELUNA and IGeLU members. We ended up with 4 enhancements that cover both administrative and user facing functionality: 

  • Adding public note text to Summon results 
  • Improve facets functionality 
  • Create a shorter URL for permalinks 
  • Add IEDL reporting to Summon OBI 

The first of these enhancements should come out in the December Summon release. 

All of our 2018 enhancements have now been implemented, and we worked closely with product management to make some improvements in the 360 Client Center and Intota products that benefit everyone. 

In addition, we shifted from a joint working group into separate ELUNA and IGeLU groups. This change meant adding some new members:  

  • Brian Kern from Allegheny College  
  • Colleen Major from Columbia University 
  • Nicole Trujillo from the University of Colorado Boulder 
  • Selina Wang from Oberlin College 
  • Jackie Wrosch from Eastern Michigan University 

We continue to work closely with our IGeLU colleagues on the NERS process and other issues. 

We are currently seeking ideas and proposals for the ELUNA 2019 conference in Atlanta. Do you have an idea for a panel or presentation? We can help! Please contact Selina Wang at[at] if you have questions/panel ideas or submit your proposal to 

Alisha Quagliana, University of Texas at Austin
Chair, Summon/360 Working Group