Thank you for volunteering to speak at ELUNA 2017 in Schaumburg, Illinois! The conference is a success because people like you are willing to share your expertise with your colleagues!


  • By Feb. 17: Send email to your ELUNA track coordinator (see below) confirming that you will present at ELUNA 2016. Your email response serves as your acknowledgement that you have read this document and are able to present at ELUNA 2016. If your session has multiple speakers, we only need one reply per session.
  • By Feb. 21: Last date to provide any edits to your session’s title, abstract, or speakers. Login to ProposalSpace and review your proposal details for accuracy. If any edits need to be made, email them to your track coordinator by Feb. 21.
  • Early March: You will be informed of the timeslot and room assignment for your session
  • By April 8: Register for ELUNA 2017 by this date to receive your speaker discount. No discounts will be provided for registrations made after this date. The conference hotel discount rate also expires on this date.
  • May 9-12: ELUNA Annual Meeting. Bring your presentation to Schaumburg in PPT and upload your presentation to the ELUNA Document Repository.

Track Coordinators:

More Information for ELUNA 2017 Speakers:

General Tips: Please meet the deadlines for responses and contact your track coordinator if you have any questions. Review the Presenter Information posted at

Registration: All speakers must register for the conference and pay a registration fee. Registration will open around March 1. Speaker discount registration rates are available through April 1, 2017. Speakers registering after April 1 will be charged the full conference registration fee. Speakers who are attending the Ex Libris Tech Seminar and ELUNA may use either the Tech Seminar combo registration discount OR the speakers discount but NOT both.

Session Time: You will be notified of your session timeslot in early March. The length of all breakout sessions at ELUNA 2017 is 45 minutes. Please plan to leave time for questions.

Visuals: Test your presentation with a projector before you leave home! Colors and fonts may look different when projected. The conference will be using widescreen formatted projectors with a display of either 4:3 resolution or 16:9. We recommend using the widescreen format in presentations though to take full advantage of the projector capability.

Handouts: If your presentation can be done without providing handouts please do so. You may make and bring copies of your handout(s) with you at your expense. An estimated head count for your session will NOT be available in advance.

Equipment: Every presentation room is equipped with a podium, a lapel microphone, a Windows laptop with MS Office 2010 a computer projector, screen and an Internet connection.

Software: Each meeting room PC will have Windows, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word, Excel) 2010 software. Ex Libris client software is not included in the standard presenter laptop setup. Software other than the standard package may not be available due to cost and/or technical reasons. If you will need access to an Ex Libris client or other software not listed above please let your track coordinator know when you confirm your participation.

Personal laptops: Please use the laptops provided rather than your own. Using your own laptop can slow down the transition between sessions. If you must use your own laptop, you must tell your track coordinator of your plans to do so, and you are completely responsible for its setup including bringing any plug adapters you may need to connect to the projector and audio system.

Internet: Each meeting room will have hard-wired connectivity to the Internet from the laptop provided. Keep in mind that Internet connections sometimes fail, so you should have a backup plan, for example, a demo via saved screen images.

Proceedings: All presentation slides will be archived in the ELUNA Document Repository. Please bring a copy of your slides in PDF format to Schaumburg. Please follow the naming convention of surname and presentation track, e.g., Smith_sfx.pdf. Instructions will be provided onsite as to how to submit your saved slides for archiving.

Cancellation: If you have a last minute emergency, please inform your Track Coordinator and the Chair of the Planning Committee, Shay Beezley, [email protected] as soon as possible. If there is another individual at your institution who could present your talk, let us know. If you must cancel your registration entirely, all but $75 of your registration will be refunded through April 21, 2017. After April 22, we will not be able to refund registration fees.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact your Track Coordinator or the Program Committee Chair. Thank you for participating in ELUNA 2017!