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About Developers Day

The ELUNA Steering Committee is excited to announce that this year’s ELUNA 2017 user conference will feature the second ELUNA Developers Day, which will be on Tuesday, May 9, 2017 in Schaumburg, IL (immediately prior to the general ELUNA 2017 Annual Meeting).

Developers Day is an initiative for developers, by developers, who are working with Ex Libris products or library based integration development projects involving Ex Libris products. Developers Day is geared towards developer’s technical needs and tools focused on what is required, and what can be done, to achieve various tasks and integrations that developers have been working on, or desire to be worked on.

The ELUNA Developers Day focuses on two primary GOALS :

The first goal is to produce a forum whereby institutional developers can meet each other and collaborate on developer projects that they are working on and to share the “tools” they are using to accomplish their work.

The second goal is to bring together Ex Libris Development Management with the ELUNA institutional developers so that each side becomes more aware of what the other one is doing. This is particularly important because Ex Libris developers need to know what institutional developers are doing so that the appropriate tools can be maintained within each Ex Libris product in order to support the work of the institutional developers.

Developers Day is an optional $40.00 ticketed event that can be added to your full ELUNA 2017 Registration ($60 after April 8th).  Note this is not available to one day attendees of ELUNA or to attendees using the Technical Seminar/ELUNA combination rate. Conference registration is now open! Visit the ELUNA 2017 main page to register.


Program Information

Speaker confirmations are still in progress but submitted topics include:

The new Primo UI as an image catalog
Alma and Primo APIs, web services and webhooks
APIs and scripts for analytics
An imagined Summon dev-config-customization tool
Managing Primo customization in a consortial environment
Hacking VuFind combined search
Boxbuilder EAD3 authoring
Using Blacklight with Alma

Contact Us

If you have a question about Developers Day, please send them to the ELUNA Developers Day Planning Team.

Other Questions or Comments, at contact the ELUNA SC.