What to do at ELUNA

When you get to ELUNA, there are a few things you should do prior to your presentation.

  • Attend the Moderator / Speaker Orientation session — this is where you will get the final details of how things will work at this particular conference
  • Check out the room where you will present
  • Load all of the files that you will need
  • Test out the network connection, if you have requested one
  • Bring your own laser pointer, if you want to use one
  • Make sure that everything works!
  • Talk with the session moderator about introductions and the Q&A period
  • Talk with your moderator if you would like them to help during the presentation by typing or mousing for you

After your presentation, you can RELAX and be happy that you contributed to the meeting’s success. But there are still a few small things left to do:

  • Make sure you have submitted your presentation slides for the proceedings
  • Vacate the room quickly, especially if a new session is due to begin right away
  • If attendees still have questions, guide them out into the public areas or arrange to meet up with them later
  • If you promised to send attendees more information after the meeting, note this arrangement and remember to follow up

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