Join colleagues with expertise in Analytics to learn and share information on intermediate and advanced Analytics functions.

The Analytics Afternoon will start by covering essential intermediate skills, and then build on this foundation to discuss more advanced topics.

  • Presentations of 15–20 minutes on intermediate topics such as variables, dashboard prompts, custom functions, regular expressions (regexp), and bins/CASE statements
  • Presentations of 30–40 minutes on advanced topics and specific projects, such as joining subject areas, advanced SQL clauses, or data visualization

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

  • Analytics Afternoon Registration – 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm
  • Analytics Afternoon Sessions – 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm


  • Attendees must have familiarity with Oracle Analytics, including fundamental key concepts like variables, basic report design, and data types.

  • This session will not cover basic report design. Attendees should be experienced in the topics covered by sessions 01 -04 of Ex Libris’ webinar series Alma Analytics: Become an Expert. If you are at the beginning of your Analytics journey, we suggest starting with the webinar series and consider attending Ex Libris Knowledge Days training sessions on Analytics before attending this event.
  • Attendance will be capped at 50 participants, with a registration cost of $100. Analytics Afternoon attendees must also attend the main ELUNA 2024 Annual Meeting. Please note that the Analytics Afternoon overlaps with a portion of Developers Day+.

Analytics Afternoon Program Call is Open!

Have you built a data visualization dashboard that you’re proud of? Have you developed a technique that’s saved you time and frustration in analyzing data? Do you have experience with Analytics in non-Alma products, like Rialto or Esploro, that you can share? Have you explored a functionality in Analytics that isn’t well documented? We’d love for you to share your knowledge with the Analytics community.

Presenters will be eligible for the $100 ELUNA speaker discount. Please submit proposals by emailing a topic description to [email protected] by Friday, February 16th, 2024.