The ELUNA Job Board enables members of the ELUNA community to post job ads to the site. This capability may be used in place of, or to supplement, posting job ads to ELUNA product lists.

Accessing the Job Board

Visit the Job Board listings page.

The most recent job postings will be listed in the ELUNA site’s sidebar.

Submitting a posting to the Job Board

1. Fill out the online form

  • You don’t have to log into the site to submit a job
  • There’s a mix of required and optional fields – the optional fields are noted on the form
    • Note the Closing date field:  This date defines when the job listing no longer appears in the board
  • Upon submission, your posting will be reviewed and approved by an ELUNA committee member; it will then appear on the public site’

2. Click on the Preview button to preview the job listing.

3. Click on the Submit button to submit the listing.

Questions on a submission or on use?

Please send a message requesting assistance to:  [email protected]