We talked with Tammy Allgood Wolf, who is the Director of Discovery Services and Informatics and Cyberinfrastructure Services at ASU Libraries of the Arizona State University.

Q: When are you planning to implement?

A: The current plan is for implementation in November 2017.

Q: What is the major benefit you hope to see as a result of your institutions use of Leganto?

A: We’re hoping to save students money by identifying free access to course readings.

Q: What do you see as the major challenge you’ll encounter in getting your community of users to utilize Leganto?

A: One of the biggest challenges we face, as a large institution, will be marketing the service so that our faculty is aware it exists.

Q: How will you measure success?

A: We will be looking at the data provided by Leganto in hopes of connecting library use with student success.

Q: How can the user group best be of help to you?

A: We would like to hear about the experiences of others who have already implemented the service. That will prove exceptionally valuable to us in terms of understanding what worked and what didn’t work for other institutions.

Q: How do you see Leganto contributing to the positioning of your library within your University?

A: We believe it will make the library and the resources and services the library offers more visible to both our students and our faculty.

Carl Grant
Associate Dean, Knowledge Services & Chief Technology Officer
University of Oklahoma Libraries