ELUNA Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) is a group elected by the ELUNA membership responsible for overseeing the work of the many sub-groups of the ELUNA organization. The Steering Committee plans the ELUNA Annual Meeting, maintains the ELUNA website, listservs, document repository, and treasury accounts, and maintains collaboration and communication with Ex Libris and IGeLU.

Working Groups

Working Groups (WGs) represent users’ interests in the various Ex Libris products. Working Groups focus on a product (e.g., Summon WG). The WGs help coordinate enhancements, help with conference planning, and solicit information and feedback from membership during product development. Some WGs are jointly run with IGeLU (e.g., ELUNA/IGeLU Alma WG), and some are independent ELUNA WGs (e.g., ELUNA Primo, Leganto, Summon, and Rapido).

Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (CoPs) represent experts and interested members in a specific area. Examples of CoPs include our Analytics, Linked Open Data, and Special Collections communities. These groups hold virtual town hall meetings to exchange information about their domains of interest and work with Ex Libris on specific functional areas across products. CoPs allow users to exchange ideas and discuss issues surrounding their topic of interest at the Annual Meeting and via email lists.

Advisory Groups

Advisory Groups (AGs) represent experts from a number of products to focus on a specific functional space or area of concern. Examples of these topics these groups have addressed include Authentication, Bias in Search Applications (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice and Accessibility), Controlled Digital Lending, and the Internal Enhancement Voting Process. These groups are by appointment from the Working Groups and Steering Committees.