ELUNA is a not-for-profit educational group for users of enterprise library software products licensed by Ex Libris, a ProQuest Company. ELUNA focuses on the systems that manage discovery, access, and collection management functions within libraries. The organization was formed by institutions who recognized a growing need for collaboration and advocacy across the Ex Libris customer base. Organizational success depends on engaged, proactive member volunteers with scope alignment for the roles they fill at their institutions.

ELUNA is the international user community for libraries in the Americas, representing institutions across Canada, the Caribbean Islands, Central and South America, Mexico, the United States and beyond.

ELUNA supports over 1,300 institutions comprised of academic, public, government and corporate libraries, as well as library consortia.

ELUNA connects member institutions to a network of other users of Ex Libris products. Members share best practices with peer institutions and support each other through meetings, networking and hosted discussion lists.

ELUNA works toward improvement of Ex Libris products. Members identify and provide feedback on suggested enhancements and work with Ex Libris on future product development and strategic goals.

ELUNA offers exclusive benefits to its members. Only member institutions have the opportunity to vote on enhancements, have access to hundreds of documents and presentations within ELUNA’s document repository and are eligible to receive conference discounts.

For more information, view the ELUNA brochure.