David Schuster – ELUNA Steering Committee (2023-2026) – liaison to Esploro, Rosetta, and Alma-D Working Groups

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Binghamton University (Binghamton, NY United States)

Senior Director for Library Technology and Digital Strategies

Ex Libris Products:  Alma, Primo VE, Rapid, Rosetta, Rialto

Before 2012 I had many years of experience with another user group for another vendor, and valued all the friendships and connections I had made there.  So when I came to Texas Woman’s University and my first day was the kickoff day to migrate them from Voyager to Alma as an Early Adopter.  I immediately looked for a community that I was familiar with previously and found ELUNA!  We had conversations with the ELUNA community about many things during our migration. Thank goodness for the community!  We were the 4th library to go live with Alma in the United States.

From there, I moved to Binghamton University in 2016, and again was involved with a migration!  This migration from Aleph to Alma in 2019 was as a consortium with 64 campuses on a shared system.  Reviewing presentations by others (ORBIS Cascade!) in the ELUNA community was invaluable again.  We also have Rosetta as a digital preservation system, and Binghamton was one of the first Universities in the US to implement it, and was a huge learning curve for me.

I pride myself in the strategies we build to grow digital initiatives in libraries and value the conversations with others about how to do this well.  Access to resources and information be it digital or another medium, is a value I hold and constantly focus on.

Gardening, traveling with my wife in our camper, spending time with my 2 boys, and playing with our Westie are a few of my favorite things!

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