This group is no longer active. This information is retained for archive purposes only.  If you would like to advocate that a group become active again, please contact the ELUNA Steering Committee.

The Voyager Cataloging SIG met at EndUser 2007. The enhancement process and the 10 cataloging enhancement requests that were submitted in 2006 were reviewed. Items not implemented will have to be re-submitted to Ex Libris, but the company promises to report back on the status and feasibility of all requests for enhancements.

The 4 Cataloging enhancements that made it into the overall Voyager Top Ten and will be included in Voyager 7 were: Merge existing bib records, delete bib record attached to a PO, Pick and scan suppress/unsuppress, ISBN/ISSN validation. Ex Libris has not commented on the status of the Global Change Task Force recommendations.

Recently Ex Libris notified the submitting library that the enhancement request ability to set a default search in Cataloging (all of these, any of these, as a phrase) will also be implemented in Voyager 7. There will be buttons for users to select default tabs and save search settings. These buttons do not display, however, if Retain Last Search is selected in Preferences. They also notified the submitting library that item records created in Voyager 7 via bulk import will not default to Copy 0.

Current Leader: Barbara Glackin, [email protected]

E-mail list: [email protected]

Updated December 5, 2016