The Controlled Digital Lending (CDL) Advisory Group is examining the workflows and processing of converting physical books to items able to be loaned digitally using Alma-D for local circulation and Rapido for inter-library lending/requesting.  The copyright workflows group will advise on workflows to arrive at a decision to digitize a particular item and the requirements to record those decisions institutionally. The circulation workflows group will articulate workflows for the creation of digital objects, circulation of those digital materials, queuing of requests for the same item, workflows to maintain an own:lown ratio, the user experience of requesting an CDL item, and the delivery of that item through Alma-D. The circulation group will also be responsible for local and fulfillment zone-based circulation.  The Inter-Library Lending Group will examine request and supply workflows outside of the network zone using Rapido and/or ISO 18626:2021 lending.  The ILL group will also map user experience workflows for requesting libraries and their patrons.

The groups are scheduled to meet until January 2022. Members are listed below:

Copyright Workflows

  • Kyle Courtney, Harvard University
  • Michelle Wu, Georgetown Law Library (retired)
  • Stephen Spong, Western University
  • Pascal Calarco, University of Windsor
  • Peter Bae, Princeton University

Circulation Workflows

  • Joe Ferguson, University of Tennessee – Knoxville
  • Laura Morse, Harvard University
  • Leah Prescott, Georgetown University
  • Erik Beck, California State at Sacramento
  • Kun Lin, Whitman College
  • Wendy Ellis, Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative

Inter-Library Lending / Resource Sharing

  • Tom Bruno, University of Pennsylvania
  • Greg Argo, St. Thomas University
  • Charlie Barlow, Boston Library Consortium
  • Lori Hilterbrand, Orbis Cascade
  • Ellen Bishop, Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative