Joining ELUNA

ELUNA memberships are valid for one calendar year, January-December; membership fees are not prorated for members who join during the year.

In order to be considered a consortium, there must be a central office that coordinates the consortium membership and Ex Libris products on behalf of its individual members. In the case of questions, the ELUNA Steering Committee will have the final decision in determining membership type.

If you have any questions about membership, please contact the ELUNA Treasurer, Ellen Jones: e-jones [at]

2023 Membership Fees


Fee (US Dollars)

Individual Institution $280.00
Consortia with 2-5 Members $425.00
Consortia with 6-25 Members $495.00
Consortia with 26-50 Members $565.00
Consortia with 51 or more Members $700.00

Payment Options

Payment may be made by check, credit card, or bank transfer.

Membership Application

To become a member of ELUNA, please complete the application.

Send the completed application to e-jones [at] When your institution or consortium’s information is entered into the system, an invoice will be sent to the person you designate as the Primary Contact Person.

Membership Questions?

If you have any questions about membership please fill out the form below-