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ELUNA E-Resources: Link Checking, OpenAthens, Counter, SUSHI, and eBooks Session Q & A  

How quickly have you found Ex Libris makes requested changes in CZ? Seems to vary for us from 2 weeks to months. 

Carrie Curie: Those time frames align with what experience. Simple CDI record metadata changes usually can happen in a couple of days. Then, it’s waiting the 7-10 days for indexing to catch up. For CZ changes, if it’s a simple portfolio change (coverage dates/adding a portfolio), those happen quickly. The time frame for the scheduled update can vary and seems to be what causes the most delay. In lighter workload months, we have seen everything for those changes happen in about two weeks. If it’s a more advanced issue tied to adding linking exceptions to a portfolio or a change to the parser, those can take months. Then, portfolio list updates can take several months to a year or longer. A lot of that delay comes from the provider having data problems. 

You suggested general review periodically throughout the year.  Do you schedule general cleanup on a regular basis?  If so, how often throughout the year? 

Carrie Curie: I suggest our consortium members check their electronic collections once a year at least, but we don’t give them a specific month to do this work. If they have staff time, I encourage them to check two times if they have multiple purchasing time frames during the year. 

Can you talk a bit more about how you have your “Report a broken link” setup in Primo VE? 

This is set up as a General Electronic Service. It links to a webform on our website and automatically gets the basic information about the article from the metadata, then submits to our help ticket system. 

As an IdP, do you need to configure the set of attributes (SAML entity categories) once and for all at OpenAthens level or do you have to configure those for each vendor/e-resource? 

Margaret Heller: You set them up at the OpenAthens level, but certain resources require additional configuration which you do through the OpenAthens interface. 

Where in config is the CDI and proxy setting? 

Margaret Heller: Instructions for VE are here: 

I agree OpenAthens not that helpful with Alma/PrimoVE in their documentation. Did you find help from other OpenAthens libraries? 

Margaret Heller: Yes, we did talk to a few other customers. The OpenAthens mailing list has many Ex Libris customers to ask for advice. 

Are there lists now of resources that don’t work with OpenAthens? 

Margaret Heller: We know of a few that don’t work, but I’m not aware of a complete list. Always worth asking, because people may upgrade their technology. 

What factors involved for the pricing of Openathens? 

Margaret Heller: We took advantage of a consortial pricing deal. I wasn’t really involved in that part of it, so not sure on the pricing. 

You mentioned having more control with OpenAthens than with EZProxy, but did you find that you had to rely on your IT department during implementation? 

Margaret Heller: It’s probably not accurate to say that we have more control, in some ways we have less, but it’s easier to distribute the administration without reyling on more complex technical solutions. The relationshhip with the IT department was getting the authentication worked out, not really different than EZProxy. 

We ordered Ebooks from GOBI, but GOBI sent us the print record with link, anyone has that problem? 

Moriah Guy: It depends on the cataloging service the library has. This is a known and common issue with WCM service, if this is a cataloging records that was supplied by any of the GOBI digital record services, the library should reach out to their customer service representative and let them know the invoice number and record. From there the internal LTS team can address the issue and find out what went wrong.  

Is the EBSCOHOST/ALMA integration happening now, or not until 2022? Is there a workflow for EBSCONET to ALMA? 

Anne Campbell: The EBSCO Integration with Alma is from EBSCONET Renewal Cart to matching PO Lines in Alma.  The service is available and in Production now.  The workflow is from EBSCONET to Alma. 

Can the institution provide individual login while using OpenAhens? 

Margaret Heller: Yes, you can set up individual accounts. We do this for people who have unusual statuses that don’t worry correctly with our attribute mapping.