Anne Pepitone, Chair, University of Washington, [email protected], 2022-2025

Nancy Babb, Enhancement Coordinator, University at Buffalo, SUNY, [email protected], 2021–2025

Corinna Baksik, At-Large, Harvard University, [email protected], 2021-2025

Matt Black, Secretary / Analytics liaison, University of Calgary, [email protected], 2022–2024

Cindy Bowen, Member, Georgetown University, [email protected], 2023-2025

James M. Day, Communication and Outreach, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, [email protected], 2023-2025

Ryan Edwards, Aha! Implementation, West LA CC, [email protected], 2022-2026

Michelle Eichelberger, Member, State University of New York, [email protected], 2023-2025

Edgar Garcia, Member, Northwestern University, [email protected], 2021-2023

Margaret Heller, Outgoing Chair, Loyola University Chicago, [email protected], 2023-2024

Daniel Naas, Alma Working Group Liaison, University of Kentucky, [email protected], 2021-2025

Drew Parker, DEI / Rapido Working Group Liaison, Brandeis University, [email protected], 2022-2024

Tim Siegel, Member, Virginia Commonwealth University, [email protected], 2023-2025

Lucy Wang, Member, Brown University, [email protected], 2023-2025

Hui Zhang, Primo Studio Coordinator, Oregon State University, [email protected], 2023-2025