Aleph Email List


Aleph is an unmoderated discussion list about Ex Libris’ Aleph library management system. The list is hosted by ELUNA and IGeLU. Subscription is open to Ex Libris customers and to employees of Ex Libris and/or its affiliates and resellers.

The list is open and unmoderated subject to the Guidelines for Subscribing to and Participating in the Aleph list.

To subscribe to the Aleph list: Please visit the following link:

Or send a blank e-mail to [email protected]

Please be aware that for your subscription request to be approved, you must be either a current staff member at an institution that has signed a contract for an Ex Libris product, or a current employee of Ex Libris or one of its affiliates.

Aleph-L is archived at the following address:[email protected]/

Please note that you must be a current list subscriber to access these archives.

To unsubscribe from the Aleph list:

You can unsubscribe from the Aleph list by going to the bottom of this page- and entering your email address.

Alternatively you may send an email to aleph-leav[email protected], the content of the message does not matter.

Guidelines for Subscribing To and Participating in the Aleph list

Purpose of the list: Aleph is an open forum for all users of Aleph and for Ex Libris staff.

Who may subscribe: Staff members at an institution that licenses any of Ex Libris products may subscribe to the list. A subscriber must use a recognizable, institutional e-mail account, rather than a personal or anonymous account. The list manager will verify that the institution is licensed to use Ex Libris products before approving a subscription request. Subscribers are reminded to signoff when they leave an institution that uses Ex Libris products.

Periodic review of subscribers: The list of subscribers will be reviewed periodically. If the list managers believe any subscriber does not meet the criteria for participation in the list stated above, the subscriber’s name may be removed.

Distribution of information from the list: Sharing information from the list with anyone who is not eligible to subscribe to the list is strongly discouraged.

Exceptions to this policy: Exceptions to these guidelines, e.g., for prospective purchasers of Ex Libris products, may be requested in writing. Requests may be directed to the chair of the ELUNA Steering Committee or to Ex Libris North American Vice President for Sales