Visuals / Slides

Should I Use PowerPoint?

There are a number of choices for preparing visual presentations. The most popular and well-known is Microsoft PowerPoint. Because it is part of the Microsoft Office suite, it is available to most people. If you choose to use any other program, check with your track coordinator to make sure it will be available on the computers at ELUNA. The Program Committee encourages utilizing PowerPoint or equivalent that does not rely on a steady internet connection in the event of connectivity issues during the conference. Never assume that an Internet connection will be available, so bring your full presentation on a USB drive.

Should I Provide My Slides in Advance?

Yes. All presenters are required to upload their slides to their session in Sched for two key purposes:

  1. To ensure attendees can see the slides, regardless of visual ability
  2. To ensure all slides can be collected and uploaded to the ELUNA Document Repository

The Sched URL and deadline for uploading slides is provided in the proposal acceptance letter. Any exceptions to the deadline must be approved by the Program Committee chair.

How Can I Make My Slides Accessible to All?

Please visit these websites for tips and tricks on ensuring your slides meet accessibility needs:

But What About Handouts?

The Program Committee encourages presenters to minimize physical handouts as much as possible. Supplementary materials to your presentation may also be uploaded to Sched prior to your session.

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