Greetings, ELUNA community! Thank you for the most successful ELUNA annual meeting in history.

Access to presentation slides from ELUNA 2018

Presentations from the 2018 ELUNA meeting have been loaded to the ELUNA Document Repository (listing). This includes both customer and some Ex Libris slide decks.

Some additional sources and lists for slides:

ELUNA Developers Day (Tuesday of ELUNA 2018) [ELUNA Document Repository]
Ex Libris presentations (Wednesday-Friday at ELUNA 2018) [Ex Libris Knowledge Center]
Conference program site [Sched, view schedule in expanded view; conference attendees only]

Updates from working groups
Stay in the know on ELUNA’s work – Here are updates from a number of ELUNA and joint ELUNA/IGeLU groups:

New Law Libraries SIG

The newly-formed Law Libraries SIG shares information regarding the use of ExLibris products, primarily Alma, to manage law library print and e-resource collections.

Meeting annually at ELUNA, the SIG is active year-round via their listserv and scheduled webinars. The Law Libraries SIG provides opportunities for law librarians (both technical and public services types) to get to know each other and to network both formally and informally.

SFX Working Group update

We are pleased to announce that Jiri Pavlik has accepted the role of Coordinator for the joint IGeLU/ELUNA SFX Working Group. Jiri takes over from Rich Wenger, who is stepping down from the coordinator role after many dedicated years of service. Thanks to Rich for all your hard work over the years!

Content Working Group (Joint)

The Content Working Group’s biggest news is the upcoming NERS ballot for Content. This will be the first of twice a year voting in NERS for Content in all products: new content collections/targets/databases added into all Ex Libris ProQuest KnowledgeBases (Alma CZ, SFX KB, 360 KB) and indices (Primo Central, Summon).

The NERS form for submitting content requests has been updated. All existing content requests have been moved over to a new ‘Content’ area in the Product list and reviewed to remove duplicates and requests for content that is already included. Then, IGeLU and ELUNA members can submit and vote on requests.

After voting, the top ten enhancement requests will be passed on to Ex Libris, who will do their best to add them in the KBs and indexes. Whether or not new content can be added is reliant on the responsiveness of the data provider. This will exist in parallel with Idea Exchange. The NERS voting has the benefit of the top ten agreement with Ex Libris, and the boosting of regional resources: 4 regional resources, on a rotating basis, will be part of the top 10.

The NERS Content Coordinators Molly Beisler, University of Nevada, Reno, and Ulrikke Greve Olufsen, University of Oslo, have worked hard with us to make this happen.

The Content WG has also continued to work with Ex Libris on specific content issues, in particular:

  • Nexis Uni new collection article-level linking – to be resolved mid-May; required changes by both Ex Libris and vendor.
  • Coding issues with several newly added collections – fixed February/March 2018
  • Currency of adding new titles to SFX/Alma CKB
  • Quality of new discovery collections
  • Future of the Institutional Repository program for PCI
  • We extend a welcome to new liaisons with other working groups: Ann Fath from the Alma CZ Metadata Group and Nicole Trujillo from the ELUNA Summon WG.

Kathy Varjabedian, Los Alamos National Laboratory
François Renaville, University of Liège
Co-chairs, Content Working Group (Joint)

Rosetta Working Group (Joint)

The Rosetta Working Group joined ELUNA and IGeLU as a joint Working Group in January 2018. We have four sub groups that focus on different areas of the Rosetta system. These are:

  • Format Library
  • Digital Preservation
  • Delivery and Integrations
  • System Operations

The groups help to foster knowledge exchange amongst users on various issues related to digital preservation and data management within Rosetta, in addition to contributing to the product roadmap . Each group has been identifying and prioritising future enhancement requests, a first set have gone to Ex Libris as requests for the next release (Rosetta version 6). A Basecamp project has been set up to enable discussion and clarification on the various requests.

ELUNA Conference:
There was a good Rosetta track this year, it was particularly great to have a number of presentations from newer Rosetta customers.

Working Group meeting:
We are holding our annual Working Group meeting at the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles June 4-6. The meeting provides an opportunity for the Rosetta community to share information and foster collaboration. As part of that meeting we will be filling Rosetta Working Group roles for the year ahead.

Kirsty Smith, National Library of New Zealand.
Rosetta Working Group Coordinator

Voyager WG (Joint)

Voyager 10.1 has been released on April 17, 2018. Voyager 10.1 offers new features and functionality that enhances library workflows and operations. To see detailed information about the enhancements in Voyager 10.1, click here, or search the Voyager Release Notes available in the Ex Libris Knowledge Center ( under Voyager > Release Notes > 10.1.0.

• Development for the next release, Voyager 10.2, has started. Highlights of the new features are:
• Warn user when closing Voyager clients
• Purge patron transactions based on transaction age
• New option to renew with or without receipts from Charged Items index

Voyager 10.2 will be released in 2019.

Development in Voyager 10 has been extended and future releases include 10.3 (planned for 2021) and 10.4 (planned for 2022). This extends support for both Voyager 9.x and Voyager 10.x. The recent 2018 NERS enhancements which wrapped up on March 29th, will be re-allocated to 10.3 and 10.4. 950 votes were cast across 17 proposed enhancements — thank you to everyone who voted.

For those curious about the voting results, the highest ranked enhancements are:

• Provide descriptive error message when record cannot be saved
• Add option to GDC to insert subfields in specified order
• Increase limit on length of EDI filenames
• Viewing fixed field grid headings with larger font size
• Holdings Boolean Keyword search need in GDC module
• Rule consequences should have the same predefined 008 positions as rule conditions/GDC should include the blank when changing pub place from 3 chars to 2
• Session preferences in Circ should be renamed
• Rollover Rule should have an “All” check box for all PO Types/Line Item Types

Cindy Greenspun, Yale University
Chair, Voyager Working (Joint)

Have a good summer!

Al Cornish, University of Oregon
Communications Lead, ELUNA Steering Committee