The following templates can be added the your Alma Letters to create a Pull Slips, Book Bands, and Return Labels with all the information needed to process Rapido requests. These slips can be used with minor tweaks or act as a basis for your Alma Letters. These Letters were initially developed for the California State University library system but local branding has been removed.

Ful Incoming Slip Letter

The Ful Incoming Slip Letter is used to generate Pull Slips in Rapido. Updates after the launch of Rapido allowed this letter to be combined with the Resource Sharing Shipping Slip Letter making the second letter redundant. The following XSLT code will generate a Pull Slip with the barcode necessary for the Borrowing Library to receive the book and a shipping label. There are two versions of this Letter, a version to use with the Printing Multiple Items Per Page cloud app and a version to use without the app.