ELUNA presentation proposals due December 21

A reminder that presentation proposals for the ELUNA 2019 meeting are due December 21, 2018.  This includes proposals for ELUNA Developers Day+.

ELUNA Job Board

The ELUNA Steering Committee is adding a Job Board to ELUNA’s website, at URL https://el-una.org/. This Board is going live on Wednesday, December 5. Here are the key links for the site:

Job Board – Review postings
Job Board – Submit postings
Job Board – Documentation

For any questions or requests for help, please reach out to ELUNA via email.

ELUNA Steering Committee

The ELUNA Nominations Committee is now calling for nominees for election to the ELUNA Steering Committee. This year there are four open positions, all three-year terms beginning in May, 2019. More information is available on this page.

Alma premium sandboxes

Ex Libris has proposed some changes to the Premium Sandbox policy and everyone using this tool should be certain to pay attention to these changes as they’re communicated. There could be some substantial consequences to the way customers currently use the Premium Sandbox and if they cause concerns, those will need to be communicated clearly and early to Ex Libris.

Carl Grant, University of Oklahoma
Chair, ELUNA Leganto Working Group

Working Group reports

Alma Working Group
Analytics Working Group
Content Working Group
Interoperability Working Group
Leganto Working Group 
Linked Open Data Working Group
Primo/MetaLib Working Group
Rosetta Working Group
Summon/360 Working Group

Thank you for your contributions to the ELUNA community!

Al Cornish
Communications Lead, ELUNA Steering Committee