If you need to convince your managers the ELUNA Annual Meeting is a good investment, here are a few ways your institution benefits by sending you:

Connect directly with other members in the ELUNA community, leverage expertise, find new ideas, and solutions for old problems. The connections you make at ELUNA will help you for years to come.

Raise your institution’s profile
As an active participant in the ELUNA community, you raise your institution’s profile while you improve your own knowledge and skills — making it easier to attract strong candidates for positions and partners for projects.

Highly interactive
ELUNA is large with over 1,000 attendees! Except for plenaries, most sessions contain fewer than 50 people. Reasonable breaks allow you to continue conversations between sessions and provides ample opportunity to ask questions and interact with presenters, Ex Libris staff, and other session attendees.

Low cost
ELUNA Annual Meeting registration is a bargain compared to many other conferences — especially when you consider that it includes breakfasts and lunches. Discounts are offered for early registration and for presenting. Register early and submit a presentation to get double discounts!