Making the Case to Attend

If you need to convince your managers that the ELUNA Annual Meeting is a good investment both for you and your institution, please consider the following:

  • ELUNA Annual Meeting registration is a bargain compared to many other conferences (and even more of a bargain when you consider that it includes breakfasts and lunches, too). Discounts are offered for early registration and for presenting. Consider submitting a proposal for a presentation and receive a $100.00 speaker discount.
  • The meeting is focused on Ex Libris products as well as other related current professional issues relevant to libraries today. Total attendance is expected to reach or surpass 1,100 attendees. Other than the larger plenaries, most presentations have an audience of less than 50 people, which affords ample opportunity for asking questions and interacting with the presenters, Ex Libris staff and other session attendees.
  • Networking with other users in the ELUNA community is a great way to gain fresh ideas and learn about the cutting edge features that others have developed for their Ex Libris products. The ELUNA user community has a long history of helping one another; you’ll likely establish new professional contacts as well as put faces to names you’ve collaborated with on listservs.
  • This is also a unique opportunity to meet with Ex Libris experts to learn more about product roadmaps, discover new product features, and uncover other insider information Bring your sticky issues to the Ex Libris Support Center to work with support staff in person!  Meet Ex Libris management in person to advocate for your institutional needs! 
  • The entire meeting is held in one building. This is not a geographically spread-out conference where you could spend much of the day rushing to get to the next session. You’ll find the entire venue is easily walkable and there is ample time between presentations to network with peers and vendors, check messages or simply take a break!
  • The training and information gained from the conference is a great investment for your institution. The information you bring back will result in practical skills that can be shared with all staff at your institution.
  • Post-conference, you might consider offering a short presentation for your colleagues back at home. As a conference attendee, you will have access to all presentation materials via our ELUNA Documents Repository.