Rapido Working Group

The ELUNA Rapido Working Group began work in May 2022. In close collaboration with the IGeLU Rapido Working Group, the Working Group prepares the yearly enhancements ballot, assists with conference planning, and works with Ex Libris management on developing focus groups.

Rapido Listserv: https://exlibrisusers.org/postorius/lists/rapido.exlibrisusers.org/

RapidILL ListServ Archives: https://exlibrisusers.org/hyperkitty/list/[email protected]/

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Enhancement Schedule (NERS)

The first NERS process for RapidILL and Rapido has begun! For the 2023 cycle – this is our timeline.

Rapido/RapidILL 2023 Actions and Events
August 1st Last chance to submit new enhancement requests for this year’s voting in NERS
August 2nd-
August 29th
The Enhancements Team reviews, dedupes, scopes, verifies, transfers to other NERS when necessary, and sets up the vote
September 5th-
October 17th
First round of voting
October 18th-
October 24th
The Enhancements Team reviews the results, and prepares them for Ex Libris to assign complexity points
October 25th-
November 7th
Ex Libris adds complexity points to the top voted results. The Enhancements Team determines if a second round of voting is needed
November 8th-
November 13th
Extra time assigned for clarification with Ex Libris
November 14th –
December 8th
Update**A second round of voting will take place if there are 25 or more voteable enhancements for the first round**
The NERS agreement states that Ex Libris will develop the accepted enhancements within one year

Rapido Working Group Members

  • Working Group Chair – 2022-2024
    • Christopher Lee
    • [email protected]
    • California State University – Chancellor’s Office
  • Communications Lead
  • Education (Conference Programming) Coordinator
  • Enhancements Coordinator
  • Idea Exchange Monitor
  • Rapido-L And ILL Circle Monitor
  • Release Notes Review
  • Alma Working Group Liaison
  • Primo Working Group Liaison
  • RapidILL Working Group Liaison
  • ELUNA Steering Committee Representative
  • IGeLU Steering Committee Representative