This group was formed by the NAAUG Steering Committee in February 2005.

Sandy Card, University of Binghamton, SUNY
Stephen Hearn, University of Minnesota
Pat Riva, McGill University
Marlene Vikor, University of Maryland

As part of the enhancement process, the NAAUG membership in 2001 and 2002 approved three separate enhancements to improve the handling of authority records in the Aleph system. These enhancements are expected to be included in Aleph Version 18, which is tentatively scheduled for release in January 2006.

The mandate given to the Ad Hoc Group on Authority Enhancements is:

– to provide guidance to Ex Libris for the written specifications of the authority enhancements;

– to make sure that the proposed authority enhancements meet the MARC Authority Standards;

– to thoroughly test the programmed enhancements in a test version of Aleph 18 to make sure that all linkages to bibliographic records are handled correctly.

This work is detailed and complex. The Steering Committee is pleased that the members of the Ad Hoc Group are willing to tackle this effort, and we are also pleased that Ex Libris staff are willing to work with NAAUG toward greater accuracy in this aspect of the software.

Specification Information
In the Spring of 2005, the Ad Hoc Authorities Group met with Ex Libris and developed a specification that will be delivered in Version 18. The specification will be tested by the group in the Spring of 2006.

See the Version 18 Specifications page for more information.