We are a special interest group of librarians who work in Ex Libris customer sites within the United States Federal Government. This includes libraries in both the Executive and Legislative branches (and Judicial branch if any libraries express interest), and libraries located in the Washington DC area and throughout the country.

This SIG is primarily issue-based, not product-based. Common issues faced by Federal libraries include: adherence to a set of strict security guidelines (FedRAMP compliance for the cloud, limitations on the use of third-party software, etc.), service as stewards of the public interest, issues unique to the nature of the Federal appropriations process, and obligations to adhere to additional internal requirements not seen by other groups.

Our focus is on Alma and Primo/Primo VE because Federal Libraries are only permitted to use FedRAMP compliant applications, although we do not discriminate against other Ex Libris systems currently in use.

We plan to hold face-to-face meetings annually at ELUNA, possibly with one or two online meetings during the year. Our first meeting will be held at ELUNA 2020 in Los Angeles, where we will introduce the SIG, meet other Federal librarians, and identify relevant issues for discussion, collaboration calls, and future meetings.

Current Leadership:

Co-chair: Erin Donnelly, [email protected], 703.648.6226

Co-chair: Tami Morse, [email protected], 703.648.6204


[email protected]

see: https://exlibrisusers.org/postorius/lists/fedsig.exlibrisusers.org/