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ELUNA Learns E-Resources: Centralized ERM, Open Access Links, Open Web Discovery, and Post-P2E Session Q & A  

You seem to be proactive in approaching issues.  What is the next project you plan to tackle? 

Carrie Curie: From the ERM management-side, we plan to move some more collections into our NZ. 

Follow up – What have you found effective for getting people engaged? 

Carrie Curie: We mention news of projects in direct messages through our CRM to affected institutions, during Consortium events, and in Consortium newsletters and weekly emails. 

Have you had any feedback from patrons about the change to push to OA targets? 

Hui Zhang: They like it because it is easier for them to get fulltext with 1 click and without sign in. 

Are you concerned your fix will conflict with Ex Libris’s quicklinks feature? 

Hui Zhang: We did the customization when the quicklink is not available, but we may use the quicklink if it is better. 

I am guessing the Google Analytics won’t include the searches initiated in A-Z database page. It will only collect the searches from Primo. Correct? 

Hui Zhang: We use Google Tag Manager to track the usage of the OA link, and GTM will send the events to Google Analytics for reports. So, in our case, we do not need Google Analytics (although we have it in Primo and I think your findings are correct).