The RapidILL Working Group consists of a team of library professionals who provide representation of the resource sharing community to Ex Libris Product Management. The working group is charged with carrying out a yearly NERS enhancement vote in collaboration with the Rapido Working Groups, supporting the yearly ELUNA User Group Meeting, liaising with the Ex Libris Product Team, and building a strong community.

RapidILL Working Group bylaws and terms of commitment
1. All members must be Ex Libris and/or ALMA users
2. Members serve a minimum 1-year term (January 1st – December 31st), while the Chair and Deputy Chair serve a minimum of 2 years.
3. Membership vacancies will be advertised through the RapidILL email list
4. Membership shall not exceed more than 8 members

RapidILL Listserv: https://exlibrisusers.org/postorius/lists/rapidill.exlibrisusers.org/

RapidILL ListServ Archives: https://exlibrisusers.org/hyperkitty/list/[email protected]/

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Enhancement Schedule (NERS)

The first NERS process for RapidILL and Rapido has begun! For the 2023 cycle – this is our timeline.

Rapido/RapidILL 2023 Actions and Events
August 1st Last chance to submit new enhancement requests for this year’s voting in NERS
August 2nd-
August 29th
The Enhancements Team reviews, dedupes, scopes, verifies, transfers to other NERS when necessary, and sets up the vote
September 5th-
October 17th
First round of voting
October 18th-
October 24th
The Enhancements Team reviews the results, and prepares them for Ex Libris to assign complexity points
October 25th-
November 7th
Ex Libris adds complexity points to the top voted results. The Enhancements Team determines if a second round of voting is needed
November 8th-
November 13th
Extra time assigned for clarification with Ex Libris
November 14th –
December 8th
Update**A second round of voting will take place if there are 25 or more voteable enhancements for the first round**
The NERS agreement states that Ex Libris will develop the accepted enhancements within one year

RapidILL Working Group Members