The Analytics SIWG had their three evidence documents detailing issues in Alma, Primo and Leganto Analytics in review by the IGeLU and ELUNA Steering Committees in December and January. The documents will be available for review by the Alma, Primo, Leganto, Analytics and Consortia ListServs for a two week period in February. During this review period the documents will be closed for editing and comments but reviewers will be able to submit comments to the group via a Google Form. Once the review process is complete, and corresponding edits have been made, the documents will be sent to Ex Libris. Asaf Kline, the Director of Product Management at Ex Libris, confirmed at ELUNA 2017 that they are looking forward to receiving the documents and working with the Analytics SIWG to address issues raised in the documents. The Analytics SIWG plans to meet with Ex Libris staff at ELUNA 2018 to discuss the documents and Ex Libris’ plan for resolving the reported issues.

​Margaret Briand Wolfe, Boston College
Coordinator, Analytics SIWG (Joint)