Analytics is the activity of collecting, structuring and combining all kinds of data (assets and usage) to distill useful information for organisations. It is more than reporting, it focuses on finding the added value that assets and usage data can offer an organisation to better understand their business and derive new patterns from it to help make decisions or predictions.

The way data is stored and accessed is important to enable the usage of data. Data is used, stored, extracted and generated in multiple applications, hence the need for an IGeLU/ELUNA Analytics Community of Practice.

Discussions about an Analytics Community of Practice began just before IGeLU 2015. Alma’s Product Working Group already was forming an Analytics subgroup, and Ex Libris’s announcement of Oracle OBIEE becoming the analytics tool for hosted Primo suggested that a joint group could be useful. Skills in OBIEE are obviously transferable across the two products. A cross product Analytics Community of Practicewould also be a good fit for other interests being expressed in data extraction, API’s, processing and visualisation using other tools and general analytics and data warehousing.

John Krug volunteered to get the group started and a round of recruitment was started with the first electronic meeting taking place in April 2016.

The working body and other information are maintained here.