Tabitha  Ochtera – ELUNA Steering Committee (2024-2027) – liaison to Primo and Summon Working Groups

Molloy University (Rockville Centre, NY United States)

Associate Director, Head of Electronic and Digital Services / DigitalCommons@Molloy Curator

Ex Libris Products: Alma, Primo VE, Leganto, Rialto

How a rare books and special collections librarian ended up as the Head of Electronic and Digital Services is still a little bit of a mystery but I’m happy to be here. As the Associate Director of the JET Library, I oversee three different areas: Electronic Resources, Access Services, and Archives & Special Collections. I have direct experience in two out of three of those areas since I’ve had 5 different roles during my 9 years at Molloy. My ability to job hop within one library shows I’m always up for learning something new and then figuring out a way to present that information (in digestible chunks) to an audience – whether that be librarians, staff, faculty, or students. I started with SerialsSolution and Summon so while my daily tasks no longer require me to be on the admin side of Primo VE, I know that my wide range of experiences with these products have made me a better advocate for our patrons.

My research interests include open access, information preservation, science fiction, video game lore, tattoo culture, and I’ll read anything from the Journal of Popular Culture. Outside of the library space, I am a 500 Register Yoga Teacher, Certified AntiGravity Instructor, and have completed the Veterans Yoga Project training. When I’m not doing any of that I can be found reading an absurd amount of novellas, replaying Diablo III (let’s not talk about IV), testing new hobbies, and spending way too much time falling down internet rabbit holes.

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