The Joint Ex Libris Users of North America (ELUNA) and International Group of Ex Libris Users (IGeLU) Rialto Working Group (WG) began work in 2021. The Working Group provides conference planning for both ELUNA and IGeLU, is working on a new enhancement process in Fall 2023, and works with Ex Libris management on developing focus groups and other user community activities.

Current Members

  • Jennifer Matthews, Co-Chair, NERS Coordinator (ELUNA)
  • Ian Hey, Co-Chair, Website co-editor (IGeLU)
  • Ester Arens, Website co-editor (IGeLU)
  • Rami Attebury, Analytics COP Liaison, Education Liaison (ELUNA)
  • Jennifer Carroll (ELUNA)
  • Valerie Felendler (IGeLU)
  • Joe Ferguson, ALMA WG Liaison (ELUNA)
  • Debra Gold (ELUNA)
  • Chris Jones, Leganto Liaison (IGeLU)
  • Janet Morrow, Website co-editor, Enhancements team (ELUNA)
  • Elize Rowan, Leganto WG Liaison (IGeLU)
  • Ian Thomas (IGeLU)
  • Susan Thomson (IGeLU)
  • Elizabeth Tucker (ELUNA)
  • Selina Wang (ELUNA)
  • Pascal Calarco, Steering Committee Liaison (ELUNA)
  • Alex Forrest, Steering Committee Liaison (IGeLU)

Working Group FAQ

There is a Working Group FAQ that provides additional general information relating to ELUNA WG’s:

Mailing Lists

The Rialto-L email discussion group is hosted jointly by ELUNA and IGeLU. Subscription is open to Ex Libris customers and to employees of Ex Libris and/or its affiliates and resellers. Details on how to subscribe to the Leganto Listserv can be found at:

Benefits of an ELUNA Rialto WG to the ELUNA User Community

There are many benefits that the Rialto Working Group will provide to the user community. The Rialto mailing list is a valuable resource for users of the product through its ability to help share ideas, issues, and workarounds that have been identified. The Rialto WG will coordinate a new enhancement process with Ex Libris. The joint group also develops sessions of interest at the annual ELUNA conferences. They will communicate with other WG’s that have an impact on Rialto, such as the Content WG, Alma, Analytics, and Interoperability Working Groups. The WG will communicate directly with Ex Libris management to share and communicate issues of interest to the ELUNA community.