Product Working Group FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Product Working Groups

What are ELUNA Product Working Groups and Product Working Groups Leaders?

Users of each of Ex Libris’ products may form a group with a product focus within ELUNA. Users of multiple products may choose to form a single product group.

The Product Working Group Leaders are chosen by a product group to be responsible for carrying out its charge.

What is the Charge of an ELUNA Product Working Group?

Each Product Working Group is charged with the following responsibilities:

1. Each Product Working Group is responsible for organizing the enhancement process for that product
2. Each Product Working Group shall develop sessions of interest to their users at the ELUNA conference, coordinating their work with overall conference planning done by the ELUNA Steering Committee.
3. The ELUNA Steering Committee shall seek the advice of Product Working Group Chairs on issues of concern to particular Product Working Groups. Chairs are in turn expected to seek the advice of members of their groups.
4. Each Product Working Group is responsible for updating its page on the ELUNA web site

How are Product Working Groups Organized?

Product Working Groups shall operate informally, i.e., without a constitution or bylaws. Each Product Working Group is free to decide how to choose its leaders and how to structure their roles. At the very least, however, the following responsibilities must be assigned:

Each Product Group shall elect or appoint a Product Working Group Chair. The Chair is responsible for facilitating communication between the ELUNA Steering Committee and the Product Working Group. The Chair is required to submit an annual report on the activities of the Product Working Group at the request of the Steering Committee and at least annually to the ELUNA membership at the annual meeting. The ELUNA Steering Committee will appoint a Steering Committee Liaison to each Product Working Group, who will serve as the Chair’s primary point of contact with the Steering Committee.

Each Product Group shall, in consultation with the ELUNA Steering Committee, elect or appoint someone to establish and shepherd the enhancement process for that product with Ex Libris each year, advising the Steering Committee of its progress and seeking advice of the Steering Committee when necessary.

Finally, each Product Working Group shall elect or appoint someone to be responsible for organizing the program track for its product at the annual ELUNA meeting, and for participating in overall program planning in conjunction with the Program Chair.

Questions about a specific Product Working Group should be address to the group’s Liaison.