ELUNA learns 2023 – Accepting Proposals Through September 1, 2023

ELUNA learns Proposal Form.

We are excited to announce an opportunity for ELUNA members to present their work and share their successes, challenges, and ideas.  ELUNA learns is an annual online series that gives back to the ELUNA community.  If you are experienced in a specific area of Alma, Primo, Leganto, Summon/360, Rosetta, Analytics, Linked Open Data, or Content, consider presenting to share what you’ve learned with the broader North American and International user communities.  This type of knowledge sharing is a core value of ELUNA.

Topics could include:

  • Alma Integrations (ILS):Have you done something interesting with an invoice/payment system?  Are there challenges to your work that you would like community feedback on?  Have you set up delivery lockers with Alma or other new services?
  • Discovery Platforms:have you recently completed a UX study of Primo or Summon?  Are you integrating Alma-D content or Collection Discovery?  What has the impact of those services been? Have you built any new customizations for the Primo UI or leveraged linked data within the discovery service?
  • Interlibrary Loan and Resource Sharing:Resource-Sharing is all the rage.  If you are working in Rapido, what has your experience been like?  Do you connect to another resource-sharing network like OCLC WorldShare, ReShare, or another broker?  How is that working?
  • Fulfillment:What are the pros and cons of Automated Fulfillment Networks vs. being an ISO lender?  Have you moved your document management from another software to Alma or Rapido?  Are you working with RapidILL within Alma?
  • Analytics and Assessment:Are there some reports your institution can’t live without?  Are there things you can’t do with analytics that you currently have workarounds for?  Has your consortium created a library of reports for your institutions?

There are a lot of benefits that members gain when they present:

  • Compensation: Speakers will gain complementary access to the entire 2023 ELUNA learn series
  • Visibility: Showcase your expertise to a global audience of library professionals and enthusiasts.
  • Networking: Connect with fellow contributors and learners in the academic library community.
  • Professional Development: Strengthen your knowledge and skills through researching and preparing your content.

Submit a proposal outlining your proposed content, including a brief title, abstract, and key learning objectives. We look forward to seeing your proposals!  Submission Deadline: September 1, 2023