Christina Meyer – Chair
University of Minnesota
Term: 2006-2008; ex-offico 2008
Products – ALEPH, SFX, MetaLib, Primo

Janet Lute – Vice Chair/Chair Elect
Princeton University Library
Term: 2007-2009; ex-officio 2010
Products – DigiTool, Meridian, SFX, Voyager

Margery Tibbetts – Past Chair/Liaison to Verde
California Digital Library
University of California
Term: 2005-2007; ex-officio 2008
Products – ALEPH, SFX, MetaLib, Verde

Suzanne Julich – Treasurer
University of Iowa Libraries
Term: 2006-2008
Products – ALEPH, SFX, MetaLib, Primo, Verde

Janet Higgins – Secretary
Oboler Library – Idaho State University
Term: 2007-2009
Products – Voyager

Dale Flecker – IGeLU Liaison
Harvard University
Term: 2005-2007; ex-officio 2008
Products – ALEPH, SFX , MetaLib

Pascal Calarco – Liaison to Digitool Product Group
University of Notre Dame/Michiana Academic Library Consotrium
Term: 2007-2009
Products: Aleph, Digitool, Metalib, Primo, SFX, Verde

James Corey – Liaison to Aleph Product Group
Florida Center for Library Automation
Term: 2006-2008
Products – MetaLib, SFX, ALEPH, Verde, DigiTool

Weiling Liu – Webmaster; Liaison to METALIB Product Group
University of Louisville
Term: 2006-2008
Products – SFX, MetaLib, Voyager

Bob Trotter
– Liaison to Voyager Product Group
University System of Georgia
Term: 2007-2009
Products – Voyager, SFX, Metalib

Edward M. Corrado – Liaison Voyager Regional Users Groups
Binghamton University
Term: 2007-2008
Products – Voyager

Wil Frost – Co-Program Chair ELUNA 2008
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Term: 2007-2008
Products – Voyager