Voyager Email Lists

  • Voyager-L: ELUNA/IGeLU Voyager discussion list


This list provides a forum for sharing tips, comments, and questions about the Voyager system for use by Ex Libris Voyager customers. The mailing list is hosted by ELUNA and the University of Notre Dame. The list is not moderated and while Ex Libris does not control the content of the list, it is monitored by Ex Libris staff members who contribute to the list on occasion.

To subscribe to Voyager-L, send an email to:
Leave the CC: and Subject: lines blank. In the body of your email message, type the following:
subscribe voyager-l (note the hyphen and letter el)

Subscription requests must be from your institutional email account, commercial email accounts like Google, Yahoo etc. are not allowed to subscribe.

Voyager-L-Digest is also available to those who prefer to receive a digest of the messages sent to the list. To subscribe to the digest, add a second line to the email message above SET VOYAGER-L DIGEST in the body of the message.

There is also a web interface to Voyager-L available at: