Linked Open Data SIWG (Joint)

ELUNA members approved making the IGeLU Linked Open Data Special Interest Working Group a joint IGeLU-ELUNA group at an information session at ELUNA annual meeting, May 1, 2013. The details of interest group and working group membership are currently being worked out. More information can be found on the IGeLU website:

The main task of the group is to achieve essential linked open data features in all Ex Libris products where appropriate, both from the data publishing, the data consuming and the data integration perspective; this is to be achieved through work with Ex Libris, gathering information on use cases, needs, and implementations, and sharing information among product users.

Linked data could potentially bring changes to many Ex Libris products. The LOD SIWG intends to coordinate proposals for changes with the PWGs of affected products.

IGELU-ELUNA LOD SIWG working body members (External link to IGeLU site):

Last updated January 30, 2017