ELUNA 2024 Membership Dues

ELUNA introduced the ELUNA learns series in 2020 to increase opportunities for peer learning online throughout the year. The series provides a venue for members who cannot attend in-person events to share their knowledge with the larger community. The events are live and on-demand; attendees can watch the videos as often as desired. 

The program has been remarkably successful, with more than 2900 library colleagues attending the 33 three-hour sessions held during the 2020 – 2022 seasons. Feedback about the content of the sessions and the event experience has been overwhelmingly positive. Operationally, ELUNA runs all virtual and in-person events in a cost-recovery mode and cannot offer events for free. Still, many members have noted that managing payment for individual sessions is a barrier to attendance.  

In response to this feedback from members, we are increasing membership dues to help us cover the costs of event production and hosting. ELUNA learns events occurring after January 1, 2024 will be offered for all staff at institutions with an active ELUNA membership. IGeLU and outside members can still attend these meetings, but they must register for individual sessions for a fee. 

Dues for 2024 will be:

  • Individual Institutional Membership – from 280.00 USD to 380.00 USD (cost recovered in 4 individual registrations)
  • Consortium – 2-5 Members – from 425.00 USD to 600.00 USD (cost recovered in 7 individual registrations)
  • Consortium – 6-25 Members – from 495.00 USD to 705.00 USD (cost recovered in 8 individual registrations)
  • Consortium – 26-50 Members – from 565.00 USD to 815.00 USD (cost recovered in 10 individual registrations)
  • Consortium – 51 + Members – from 700.00 USD to 1000.00 USD (cost recovered in 12 individual registrations)

ELUNA institutions can renew their memberships for 2024 in early November.  Invoices will be sent to the site contacts for your institution shortly.

We appreciate your continued support and understanding. We hope the value of ELUNA learns broadens the impact of your institution’s membership within your libraries.  Your ongoing commitment to our organization is pivotal in enabling us to achieve our shared goals and mission of community advocacy, networking, and education. We have also heard your concerns about consortium membership models and enhancement points allocations, and this will be a goal to address in 2024. 

If you have questions, please contact Ellen JonesELUNA’s Treasurer and membership coordinator.




Allen Jones
c/o ELUNA Steering Committee