Rialto Work Group Update, November 2023

The Rialto Working Group has welcomed several new members in the last few months. Isobel Benton joins us from the IGeLU side, while Selina Wang and Shelly Schmucker have joined us on the ELUNA side, and we are excited to have them aboard. The working group has also started the process of sending NERS enhancements out to the participating libraries. Currently, the group is refining the requests with original submitters and hopes to have the enhancements out before the end of the calendar year. Additionally, a sub-group is working on establishing best practices for Rialto that will be shared with the community sometime in 2024.

The working group is also excited to work with the product team on the analytics area for Rialto. A baseline subject area has been established as of November 2023, and the Rialto working group has been working with the Analytics Community of Practice to keep open lines of communication as this analytics area is developed. Everyone in both groups looks forward to how this subject area will develop over the next several months.

As always, the working group is open to more members, particularly if you have expertise as a selector. As a joint working group, there is much opportunity for those from all library types, from single institutions to consortia. If you have Rialto, please consider joining the group and contributing to this product with other peers.

— Jennifer Matthews, ELUNA Rialto co-Chair