NERS Enhancement Voting for Content Open November 15-December 4th

Please consider participating in the upcoming NERS Enhancement Voting for Content, a crucial process where your voice and vote will significantly influence which new Content Providers Ex Libris will attempt to add in 2024. We have more than 90 Content requests to consider for this cycle. 

Voting Period (November 15-December 4th)

The voting window opens on November 15th and will close on December 4th. This period provides ample time for you to review the options and make informed decisions that will shape our collective future.

New Providers

In this voting round, we are prioritizing new content providers for Ex Libris.  Ballot items were primarily chosen from Idea Exchange submissions from 2020 – present requesting entirely new providers. Ten winning providers and ten runner-up providers will be delivered to Ex Libris.  

Prioritization of French and Lithuanian Language Resources

This voting cycle, we are giving special attention to the enhancement of French and Lithuanian language resources. Recognizing the growing need and demand for diverse language collections, we aim to enrich our offerings in these areas. Your votes will play a pivotal role in ensuring that these language resources receive the focus they deserve, enhancing accessibility and inclusivity within our libraries. At least 1 new French and 1 new Lithuanian provider will be included in the top ten list provided to Ex Libris, with at least 1 of each also included in the runners-up list.  

Voting Instructions 

Voting is done on the NERS voting platform. For your convenience, please find an exported list of the possible new providers for Content. 

Review the listed enhancements carefully. 

Cast your vote. Each ELUNA/IGELU member institution may cast 1 vote for each provider they wish to see added.   Your vote is instrumental in guiding Ex Libris’s Content development priorities.

Your participation in this process is not just a vote; it’s a contribution to the evolution and improvement of our content in our library service offerings. Let’s work together to make our collective voice heard and our resources more robust and inclusive.

Thank you for your time and your commitment to our shared goals.

Posted on behalf of the Joint ELUNA-IGeLU Content Working Group