Analytics Community of Practice Update

Hello Ex Libris Analytics Community,

As users of Alma, Esploro, and Leganto Analytics, we rely on these systems to gain insights into our library’s collections, data, and services. One of the primary responsibilities of the Analytics Community of Practice (CoP) is to investigate various data inconsistencies.

In this regard, The Analytics CoP has sent Ex Libris a request to improve consistency within their analytics platforms. In 2023, an enhancement request (NERS 7952) was submitted that revealed inconsistencies between the default column headers in Analytics and the Identifier fields in Alma, Esploro, and Leganto when using analytic data to create sets.

To address this, we have requested that Ex Libris review the default column headers against the Identifier fields across the above three products. We have also asked that any new column headers introduced going forward be validated against the Identifiers first.

We also encourage everyone to sign up for the Analytics Listserv. On the listserv, you will often discover helpful hints on solving analytic problems and have a way to communicate with Analytic CoP. We encourage the community to let the Analytics CoP know when they see inconsistencies, have data issues, cannot retrieve data they need for their institution, or see the need for improvements. The Analytics CoP is here to represent you.