RapidILL integration with Alma

A discussion between Kristine Shrauger, Department Head of Document Delivery and Resource Sharing, University of Central Florida and Wendy Ellis, Director of Integrated Library Services, FLVC

As the University of Central Florida (UCF) transitioned Resource Sharing from ILLiad to Alma, we worked
on Alma RapidILL integration to help streamline our staff workflows by managing RapidILL requests in
one location.
This shift gave us an opportunity to revisit licensing terms and ILL rights for all the major electronic
packages. We are working with our consortia office, FLVC, to gather the ILL licensing terms for
eResources that are purchased for statewide use, or as part of group license agreements. These license
terms, along with ILL terms for eResources purchased by UCF, will help with updating our holdings to
identify records that are for eligible for RapidILL requests in the pods we participate in.
We added RapidILL to the Alma Rota template and configured the Rota Assignment Rule with RapidILL
being first in the Rota. All article and book chapter requests, that are not held locally, go directly from
patron submissions to RapidILL. Unfilled requests, which are a very small percentage, are automatically
routed to WorldShare for further processing.
From the Ex Libris Knowledge Center:  RapidILL Based Resource Sharing Workflow