ELUNA Rapido Working Group: A Brief Look At The 2023/2024 Year

The ELUNA Rapido Working Group is a new group to go with a new, but rapidly (pun intended) growing product. This year the Rapido Working Group focused on going through the enhancement process for the first time and working with the Ex Libris Rapido development team to improve the young product.
The biggest undertaking this past year was going through the enhancements process using NERS.  Along with learning how the process works, Rapido shared points and a pool of enhancement requests with the RapidILL Working Group. Even though the two groups are similar, the needs of our members varied because RapidILL is available both as a part of Rapido and as an addon to other Resource Sharing products.
Additionally, the chair of the Rapido Working Group, the chairs of the RapidILL Working Group, and our IGeLU counterparts met with Ex Libris Rapido Development monthly and relayed issues and concerns expressed by the rest of the Rapido Working Group and the wider Rapido community. This helped Ex Libris address issues quickly and helped shape product development so Rapido can better suit our needs.
Next year the Rapido Working Group will continue to work with Ex Libris to ensure the product works best for everyone.