Loving Enhancements!

It’s February – the month of Valentines, the Super Bowl, and Alma enhancement review!

The Alma Working Group (WG) is currently reviewing 241 enhancement requests! Each of these enhancements was submitted by members of the Alma community, and we’re grateful for your engagement and efforts in documenting these needs. In February, members of the Alma WG and Acquisitions, Fulfillment, and Resource Management subgroups go through each enhancement to confirm the product and module applicability, look for duplicates, check against current functionality, and ensure enhancements are clear and ready to go for the first round of voting. With the alignment of the Alma and Primo voting schedules in 2024, we can make sure the enhancements that get reassigned between those two products can be included in this cycle.

During the review, enhancements are moved between functional areas as well as between Alma and Primo, so numbers are shifting, and they approximately break down as follows:

  • 76 Fulfillment
  • 50 Resource Management
  • 48 Acquisitions
  • 30 Administration
  • 13 Analytics
  • 10 Electronic Resources
  • 10 All
  • 4 Interoperability & Integration

Mark your calendar now for the first round of voting March 4 – March 29! March will be a busy month, and the Alma WG will be interested in hearing your thoughts on how the enhancement process worked this year and how it can be improved. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Catherine Grove, ELUNA Alma WG co-chair ([email protected]) ; Gijs Noels, IGeLU Alma WG co-chair ([email protected]) or Mary Grenci, Alma WG Enhancements Coordinator ([email protected]).